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ITAL tokens allocated to Jobseekers upon Sign Up on CVMine job portal and more tokens are provided by referral agents and participating employers when hired as joining bonus, awards, rewards and gratuity tokens for each year of stay that help jobseeker accumulate ITAL tokens

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Sign up to earn ITAL

Jobseekers Sign up on or CVMine using mobile app to receive ITAL Tokens, get a dedicated referral agent to find you jobs for life and apply directly to employers jobs who will provide joining bonus ITAL and much more like awards, rewards, gratuity ITAL and more that help in accumulating crypto-wealth  

Future Value of ITAL

Value of ITAL will be known after the completion of ICO and listing process. ITAL being the best social cryptocurrency the value of ITAL is expected to raise significantly compared to many cryptocurrencies. This is not an investment advice and this information is provided for knowledge and education. You have to make your own judgement or seek the help of experts to assess the future value of ITAL

Buy and Sell

Holder of ITAL Crypto can buy or sell through listed wallets after ICO (Initial Coin Offering process is completed and listing of ITAL on known crypto exchanges is completed. Please refer the roadmap below to know the timelines, until then you have to hold the ITAL tokens in your account that will be transferred into your wallet after ICO.

What is ITAL?

About ITAL Cryptocurrency

TALENTMICRO (ITAL) is a cryptocurrency token to measure and compensation jobseekers in the recruitment and retention process by the employers and partners. ITAL is implemented through dApps called CVMine and iCanRefer with following ways to earn ITAL by the jobseekers

  • Sign Up to receive ITAL tokens from CVMine
  • Receive welcome and joining bonus ITAL Tokens from referral agents who find job when a jobseeker is looking for a change
  • Receive ITAL from employers as joining bonus in case your have applied directly to employer jobs and much more
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Why do you need ITAL?

Benefits of ITAL Cryptocurrency

Every working person earn salary in FIAT currency but cryptocurrency may be becoming the future currency for many transactions. ITAL helps every jobseeker to accumulate the wealth in the form of cryptocurrency tokens that may become much higher alternate wealth than the lifetime salary earnings. Hence this a good attempt to multiply the lifetime earnings of a working person beyond salary. This is not an investment advice or any commitment but for the knowledge and education purpose. Reader must apply caution and well thought decision before making any investment in cryptocurrencies.

Jobseeker and working people at ITAL participating employers may earn ITAL tokens in multiple ways as below.

Sign Up
Sign Up tokens from CVMine
Welcome tokens from assigned Referral Agent
Apply for direct jobs
Apply for direct jobs and receive joining bonus ITAL from employers
Awards, rewards and gratuity ITAL tokens from employers
Refer jobseekers to CVMine and earn referral bonus ITAL tokens
Get a job through dedicated referral agent to earn bonus ITAL
ITAL token listing

ICO and listing Status of ITAL

ITAL tokens allocated to Jobseekers upon Sign Up on CVMine job portal and more tokens are provided by referral agents and participating employers when hired as joining bonus, awards, rewards and gratuity tokens for each year of stay that help jobseeker accumulate ITAL tokens


Supply and ICO Timelines

Starting time

APR 01, 2022 (FRI 09:00 AM EST)

Ending time

APR 30, 2022 (SAT 09:00 PM EST)

Market Cap









ICO starts in

Note: Surplus tokens will be burnt at the rate of 20% of unused tokens, month on month after the completion of ICO process. Community(Jobseekers, employers and referral agents) will receive reduced quota by up to 90% or even more after ICO is completed compared to the initial allocation during the months of November and December 2021.

A true social cryptocurrency

Distribution of Tokens

Major portion of ITAL tokens are allocated to jobseekers being a true social cryptocurrency. Employers and Referral agents will also receive the remaining significant portion of ITAL tokens that will be further distributed to jobseekers, employees and consultants, thus making it a true social cryptocurrency

  • Jobseekers (Community)
  • Employers (Community)
  • Referral Agents (Community)
  • Investors and marketing consultants
  • Founder, Investors, Employees and blockchain developers

ITAL project timelines

Distribution of Token sale proceeds

Distribution of the proceeds generated from ICO will be used for the purposes as stated below.

    • Marketing, advertising and social media budget
    • Cloud and technology budget
    • Blockchain and ITAL Crypto management budget
    • Operations budget
    • R and D budget

CVMine: Wallet and jobseeker app

Download mobile app for Android or iOS to manage your job seeking and cryptocurrency tracking. Upon completion of listing process, you may perform buying and selling of ITAL tokens through CVMine app or through other crypto exchange wallets where ITAL Cryptocurrency will be listed

CVMine mobile app
icanrefer mobile app

iCanRefer: App for referral agents

Referral agents can manage the jobseekers, finding right jobs for interested jobseekers and deliver ready for interview and screened jobseekers to employers on demand. Referral Agents may use iCanRefer mobile app on Android and iOS or use web portal perform jobseeker database management, pre-screening transactions and track the FIAT and ITAL crypto earnings

Core Team

The driving force

ITAL and associated dApps are built by a committed and innovative team who delivered a successful platform in a record time and going further to build all required applications and platform that make ITAL, the best cryptocurrency in the industry powered by billion+ jobseeker community, millions of referral agents and employers.

Hosur Janardana

Hosur Janardana

Arun Gavimath

Arun Gavimath

Sampat Lal Gurjar

Sampat Lal Gurjar

Praphul Bhat

Praphul Bhat

Kumarasamy K

Kumarasamy K

Shivani Sethi

Shivani Sethi

Sujit Mishra

Sujit Mishra

Spoorti Kumatgi

Spoorti Kumatgi

Deepak Madiwal

Deepak Madiwal

Shweta Kulkarni

Shweta Kulkarni


Get familiar with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an emerging industry wit terminologies are still being developed and similarly government policies are also in the evolution stage across the world. Hence this require careful study, not to go by any advice provided by this web site content or other advisor but make a self decision. It is very critical for the reader to make own and informed decision, as any investment information provided here is for entertainment, academic purpose and this is not an investment advice of any kind.

Cryptocurrency is a secure encrypted digital token that can be use to validate or represent a transaction with or without a value but for tracking the transaction or to represent a transaction. In a simple language, it is a number of 16 characters to 96 characters that has embedded information related to a transaction that can not be decrypted (technically hashed). This is similar to a token/coupon number used to perform a transaction
Blockchain is a network of computer where all the transactions are stored on each computer are replicated across other computers called nodes. The transactions stored on a computer are stored in such a way that they can not be destroyed or manipulated that becomes useful to track the transaction across the public or private network that keeps a permanent footprint of the transaction called immutable ledger of transactions.
ITAL is a cryptocurrency introduced across the world track the transactions between jobseekers, intermediaries like referral agents or consultants and employer so that every recruitment/selection related transaction is tracked and attached to a cryptocurrency token(contract or proof of transaction).
Any cryptocurrency that is linked for a useful or meaningful transaction become valuable and the actual value of a token depending on the purpose, community size and acceptance of the token as a proof of stake or proof of effort through a blockchain platform or depending on supply/demand.
ITAL will be available to buy or can sell after ICO period is completed, until then the allocated or purchased ITAL tokens will in lock-in period. ITAL crypto can be traded(buy or sell) after listing the tokens on crypto exchanges across the world including the facility to send or receive ITAL token that will be introduce on CVMine and iCanRefer mobile apps at the time of listing (planned schedule of public listing is during second half of April, 2022).
Unlike most cryptocurrencies that are profit oriented in nature, ITAL is a true social currency where significant portion (80%) of tokens are distributed to community members (jobseekers, employers and referral members who help jobseekers in obtaining jobs). Due to this noble initiative of empower jobseekers and working people across the world, the value of ITAL is expected to significantly grow compared to most cryptocurrencies that are valued for the network and based on the numbers of transactions performance. Example: There are token that are paid for reading a document or posting a message, but ITAL is a serious cryptocurrency tagged to employment and the skill level of each jobseeker that is highly valuable and helps in economic upliftment of the society across the world. This makes ITAL as one of the most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry.

Whitepaper of ITAL and dApps

Download the Whitepaper to understand the process and use cases of ITAL and associated dApps that use ITAL cryptocurrency token to measure transactions

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